What a Fiasco # 4


4/05/02 - What a FUN three weeks this has been! (NOT!)


I have had an engine vibration in the “Puddle Jumper” (My 1977 MGB) at or around 3,000 RPM since I purchased her two years ago. I’ve installed new shocks, balanced the wheels, just about everything I could think of. After a couple of E-mails to Moss Motors, I finally discovered that I had a broken motor mount. Since I’m slightly mechanically challenged, I decided that it would be prudent to have someone with a little more knowledge (And skill) check her out.


4/08/02 - So, I took her to AAMCO for a “Check-up”. After driving her around the block, he returned with a big grin. He popped the bonnet and said “Look at this!” He was pointing at the steering column where the exhaust header had rubbed it shiny! “Your transmission and clutch are both fine, but you have THREE broken motor mounts and the engine is sitting on the FRAME!” (Woof!)


4/12/02 - Well, I’m a couple of hundred dollars lighter, but I’m “On the road again!”  J


4/13/02 - Time for a mini road trip. I headed North on Rt98 to Wally World in Dade City to look for a few more D.A.R.E.® Matchbox® cars. I made it to Wally World just fine, but when I returned to the “Puddle Jumper” she wouldn’t start. I had the bonnet up, the trunk open and my hammer in hand when a fella walked by and asked if I had a dead battery. I told him yes and asked if he’d give me a jump? He agreed, but that didn’t work either. So, he suggested that he go get his pickup and give me a push. Sounded good to me! He did, and I was Southbound again! J


4/15/02 - Gotta be the starter ‘cause I’ve already replaced the ignition relay AND the starter relay! So, I ordered a starter and a spare ignition relay. L


4/21/02 - Ok, now I’ve replaced starter and the ignition relay (And, I’m a couple of hundred dollars lighter, again!) NUTHIN’! I also found that the throtle cable was broken. Now how in the world did that happen? L


4/22/02 - That’s the last straw! Someone else is going to have to get her going, ‘cause I’m out of patience and IN way over my head! While taking an overdue BREAK at the “V”, a friend suggested that I call his mechanic. (Anything would be better than what I’m putting myself AND the “Puddle Jumper” through!) I called and made an appointment, but I still had to have her towed over there ‘cause she wouldn’t START! L


4/25/02 - The mechanic called me and asked if the starter that I had installed was still under warranty? “Warranty!” I said, “It’s brand NEW and has never even started the car!” He proceeded to tell me that the one I put in was BAD! So, I called the supplier and they Overnighted me another one from California! J


4/26/02 - The mechanic called me again this morning and said that I also needed a new throtle cable. (Whew! I had already purchased one and delivered it to his shop, but he forgot!) The New starter arrived here at 10:00 and I took it over to his shop. He then exlpained that replacing the motor mounts was only the START of my problems. Since the engine had been riding on the frame, the starter had been getting a good ground. When the motor mounts were replaced, the engine was now on rubber, so it had to look for another ground. It found one through the throtle cable and then ignition switch, but that melted THEM BOTH! Thus, there was NO ground for the starter! NO GROUND, NO START! L


4/26/02 – The mechanic called me again and asked if I could come over. When I got there, he told me that I had purchased the wrong throtle cable ‘cause the one I bought was too long. (So, I had to show him how to install it) Then, he told me that the New starter was too big and it wouldn’t fit. However, they had taken the “Old New” one apart and had gotten it to work! (Now I’ve gotta ship the “New” New starter back to California) While I was standing there, his helper broke the end off of the New throtle cable. (I went back to my office!) L


4/26/02 – At 4:00 I got a call that my MGB was done! So, I called a buddy and hitched a ride over there. SHE STARTS! J Plus, as I was backing her out of the shop, the mechanic asked me where I’d had the new motor mounts installed. I told him and he replied that “I don’t want to knock anyone else’s work, but normally the ground cable is connected to the motor mounts!” (So, doesn’t that mean that I’m $537 lighter because the ground cable WASN’T reconnected?) I didn’t really wanna know that! L



Weasel, Æ