What a FIASCO!


I took the puddle jumper (My 1977 MGB) down and got her a paint bath. Thursday was Bretz’ day off, so he took me down to pick her up. The dummies didn't turn the battery switch (like I told them to) so when they put the emergency brake on, the BRAKE light comes on and runs the battery down.


So, Bretz had his jumper cables and we jumped and jumped and jumped her. But, she still wouldn't start. We finally checked the fuel line and found that there was no fuel coming through. Well, I guessed that meant a new electric fuel pump.


I came home and had a new one Overnighted from California so I could put it on Friday ($159.06). I went down to the paint shop on Friday and attempted to put the new on. It was different from the original and didn't have the same connectors! By 11:30 I had gone to three different parts places and could find NO adapters.


I decided to have a flatbed haul her home so I could at least work on it when I wanted to! They said they'd be there in one hour, so I waited at the paint shop until 1:00 and then came home. I called down there at 2:15 to ask if they had been there yet and they told me that he was loading it right now and "He outa be there in 15 minutes."


At 3:00 I went outside to look for him. Just then I saw him go past the subdivision the WRONG way! I then walked down to the entrance and waited for him to turn around and come back. Ten minutes later, here he came. "They told me to turn left into the first subdivision as soon as I got on Carpenters Way, but I forgot!" (Woof!)


We unloaded her and he said, "That'll be $51.00" to which I responded, "What happened to the $40.00 you quoted Gail?" "Well, that is his rate, not yours!" Now I’m ticked! I started to write him a check, but he said, "We don't take personal checks, only credit cards or cash." So, I handed him my American Express card. "No, we only take Visa or Master Card." Now I'm REALLY ticked! I gave him $55.00 cash and he said, "I don't have any change 'cause they don't allow us to carry any cash!" To which I replied, "Well, now that you do have CASH, what are you gonna do, burn it ‘cause you aren't allowed to carry any? I'd advise you to load your lyin' butt in that truck and go stick it to some other sucker!" He did.


By then I was so frickin' mad that I put the cover on the puddle jumper, came in and showered, and went to the "V"!


Now it's Saturday. I found the fuel pump adapters at Pep Boys this morning. Charged the battery and put in the new pump. NUTHIN'! Still no gas. I checked the fuses, checked the connections - EVERYTHING I could think of. NUTHIN'! At 1:30 Mike (My cancer survivor buddy) drove up. I told him all the stuff that I had tried and offered him an ice water. We came into the condo and discussed what else it could be for a few minutes. Mike suggested that maybe the ground wire was bad. So, we took the old fuel pump, rigged up a couple of wires, connected them to the battery and the OLD pump worked fine! Now at least we know that the NEW pump is not getting a good ground. So, we rigged up a new ground wire and ran it directly to the ground on the battery.


The little fart turned over about three times and STARTED! I immediately said "Thank you Lord!" (And Mike said, "You're welcome"!) I just had to laugh!


But, I'm NOT finished! Why did the ground wire all of a sudden decide NOT to work? While trying to get juice to the pump, I recalled that when I ran a hot wire from the battery to the pump that the radio came on! Now, why in the world would it have done that? I came back in and checked the wiring diagram in my repair manual. Sure enough, the radio, fuel pump, taillights, and backup lights were all on the same wire loom. So, now I won't have taillights or something! Heaven help a duck!


I hollered at Mike just as he was ready to drive away, 'cause I looked in the trunk behind the spare tire. There was the GROUND wire that the paint “Person” did NOT hook back up when he removed the license plate bracket so he could paint behind it! I just about WET MY PANTS!


Not only am I out 2˝ days of unnecessary labor, one headache 'cause I went to the "V", but also $224.56 that I absolutely did NOT need to spend! Monday otta be INTERESTING! J